[Interlude] The Appearance of Sakura Saito

Hi there, thank you for your readership so far and for being supportive and easygoing. I really appreciate your patience as I’m learning how to become a better website designer through this project! 🙂

Anyways, today I wanted to take a break from the main storyline to tell you a little bit about how Sakura Saito came into this world 😛 There’s a story for every story. Hope you enjoy.

In the Beginning…

On February 27, 2018, anotherlife1 (AL1) was in the middle of studying for a fairly important  national exam when all of a sudden, there was an urge to draw something. It was quite a distracting feeling. So, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to sketch for a few minutes, AL1 picked up a blue drawing pencil and began. Thirty minutes later, this little girl appeared…

CLICK HERE for original character sketch of Sakura Saito

The completion of this sketch seemed to be the key to unlock Sakura’s life. As soon as the final stroke was completed, AL1 got an impression of what kind of a person Sakura was– her personality, her likes and dislikes; even the burdens that Sakura was carrying on her little 11 year-old heart and the fantastical hopes and dreams she held on to. Scenes from Sakura’s life began flashing through AL1’s mind,

one after

one after


Hours later, the whirlwind of ideas, colors, and voices brought on by that seemingly quiet little girl finally abated, and after letting out a sigh, AL1 headed back to those practice questions that were half unfinished…back to real life.

And that was how Sakura Saito entered this world. Who could’ve thunk?

*Next installment tentatively scheduled for…..June 6, 2018? (anotherlife1 is moving this weekend…it’s going to be just splendid)

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