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Chapter 1.5: A Baobab Enigma

By nature, Timothy has always been a mild-mannered kind of a boy who tends to go along with everything and get along with everyone. He prefers life to be like a lake– peaceful and still. Sometimes, he likes to pretend that he is as invisible as a drop of water in that lake. Enjoying nature hikes and sunsets, he often gives the impression that he is older than he looks.  

Three days ago when they first started the assignment, Tim had wondered some of the same questions that Charles had asked about Sakura’s trees, except Tim had kept his comments to himself, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings…

[Flashback to 3 days ago, Tuesday 9/3/02]

Tim, Sakura, and Regina are quietly working at their group table. Tim is taking a break from finishing a beachfront scene when he happens to see Sakura’s trees. She is coloring them pink. How curious…Tim thought.

Then he began to wonder to himself, “What kind of a tree would have pink leaves?” He had no answer initially, so he spent the next few minutes trying to recall all the trees that he had seen so far in real life…Were there any with pink leaves?

Then suddenly, an idea hit him– what if those pink things weren’t actually leaves? Maybe she was drawing something else, like fruits! Or…flowers even. Sure, he’d seen flowers on trees before–he remembered a photograph he had once seen in a National Geographic magazine–it was a flowering baobab tree in Madagascar. In that photo, the flowers were orange, but maybe it’s possible that they could be pink, too. He knew that sunlight sometimes played color tricks on the eye. Maybe at certain times of the day, the sun could make baobab flowers look more pink than orange? Hmmm…Could it be that she’s drawing a baobab tree at sunset? Aha, maybe that’s it! He smiled proudly to himself for figuring out this puzzle. And now that he’d uncovered a logical explanation for the existence of pink trees, he no longer thought they were strange. In fact, he now wished that he had been the one who had come up with that idea.

Then, for the first time since they’d started 6th grade science class together last Monday, Tim wondered what Sakura’s name was. He glanced over at her folder to see “sakura saito” scribbled in a corner. “Well, gee…like I can say that…” Discouraged, Tim returned to his own drawing.

[Flashback ends]

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