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Chapter 1.4: Democracy


Ms. Z (Ms. Z): 6th Grade Science Teacher

6th Grade Students: Boy 1 (B1)- he is Tim’s friend, Timothy (Tim), Charles (C), Regina (R), Sakura Saito (SS), other students

Scene 1 Act 2

It’s Friday, September 6, 2002, the second week of 6th grade. The bell for 2nd period to begin just finished ringing.

Ms. Z: Alrighttt! Did you hear that bell a-ringing?!? I sure did! Let’s stop the chit chat because we’ve got a lot to do! Charles, put that phone up!

*Students snicker* (Charles laughs while he slides his phone back into his backpack)

Ok, where was I? Yes- a lot to do! And once you turn in today’s assignment, have I got a surprise for you! 😉

This news set off a fresh burst of excitement and chatter within Ms. Z’s 6th grade science classroom. Kids always liked a good surprise. Ms. Z smiles and pauses to savor this moment. It reminded her of why she had gone from a 10-year career in medical laboratory management to being a middle school teacher. There was just so much life here; it’s never boring. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she notices Sakura pulling out that first group assignment from 3 days ago. “Ah yes, we need to finish our habitats” she murmured.

Ms. Z: Okayyy let’s simmer down guys. Just remembered we need to finish those habitats! Today’s the day they’ll be put up for everyone to see, EVEN if you DON’T FINISH! You don’t want to be that group! So- get into your lab groups and let’s get some work done!

(Students start shuffling toward their group tables)

Like yesterday and all the days before that, Sakura is again the first to get to the group table today. She takes her usual seat while waiting for Tim and Regina to finish chatting with their friends. Sakura didn’t have anyone to chat with. Ever since the first day of science class, Sakura’s desk neighbors had felt like she didn’t want to talk to them, so by now, they largely just ignore her. Sakura never seemed to mind, but then again, no one really knows what she’s thinking since she rarely speaks.

Tim and Regina finally join her, 3 minutes later…

R: OMG you guys. Guess who’s running for student council?!?

Tim: (Grinning obviously) Haha you I guess?

R: You betcha!!! You guys are going to vote for me right? (gives Tim a wink)  (smugly) Because I already have theme ideas for our Halloween party and everything. And besides, we’re like LAB PARTNERS.

Tim: (Still grinning) Yeah of course I will! You’re like the perfect person for student council! I wouldn’t even vote if you weren’t running!

R: (Taken aback) Ummm….you don’t have to go THAT far haha…Just remember to vote for me. It’s a pretty big deal.

SS: So…can we finish the assignment? (Shows them their unfinished habitat drawing)

R: Wait, you haven’t said you’d vote for me yet!

SS: I’m not voting.

R: WHAT?! Why not?!? It’s the STUDENT COUNCIL! They only have ONE election a YEAR! It’s like, the BIGGEST thing this ENTIRE semester! How can you NOT VOTE?!?

SS: So in an election, everyone has to vote? I thought I had free choice in this stuff…

R: Well, I mean-

SS: Anyway, we only have 10 minutes to finish…

R: (Looks back at the classroom clock) OH WHAT THE?!? OMG we need to get to work guys!!! We’re DEFINITELY submitting a completed picture today! I don’t want people to call ours ugly!

On the first day of the “We Love Planet Earth” curriculum, the lab groups were instructed to design a habitat using plants, animals, and natural resources that they could find in nature. Today is their last day to complete it. As the groups continue working, Charles happens to walk by Sakura’s group and notices something that he finds odd. 

Charles: (Staring at Sakura’s drawing) What the…is that a pink tree? Haha! That’s hilarious! You know we’re only allowed to draw stuff we can find in real life, right? (Calling some nearby students over) Hey guys, look at this! She drew pink trees! (Some students start gathering around Sakura’s drawing and join in the laughter. Sakura doesn’t say anything…)

Other students: Haha, everyone knows trees aren’t pink…

Charles: Yeah, how’d she not know? I mean, like-

Other students: Didn’t the instructions specifi-….

While the students continue poking fun at Sakura’s pink trees, Regina decides to take advantage of this interruption to do some more campaigning for her student council candidacy. She goes off to the side to chat, leaving just Tim and Sakura at the group table now. Though Sakura appears to not be bothered and continues working as before, Tim is now starting to get a little irritated by this not-so-pleasant crowd…

———-End of Scene 1 Act 2————–

Dedicated to my classmate who drew pink trees

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