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Chapter 1.3: “We Love Planet Earth!”


Ms. Z (Ms. Z): 6th Grade Science Teacher

6th Grade Students: Boy 1 (B1), Timothy (Tim), Charles (C), Regina (R), Sakura Saito (SS), other students

Scene 1 Act 1

It’s Tuesday, September 3, 2002, the second week of 6th grade. The bell for 2nd period to begin just finished ringing.

Boy 1: Hey what’d you pick for your team activity?

Timothy: For what?

B1: That field trip. Didn’t you bring your permission slip?

Tim: Oh that park one! OH CRAP! Is that due TODAY?! I thought it was next week!

B1: Oh that sucks, man. You’re going to end up in that animal rights group for sure haha

Tim: (Scowling) UGH. that would SUCK!


Ms. Z: Ok class, let’s simmer down! Today we’ve got a lot to do, but…guess what?


*Students snicker*

Ms. Z: Charles. Do we need to talk again?

C: No, Ma’am.

Ms. Z:  Let’s start off this week on the right foot ok?

C: Yes, Ma’am.

Ms. Z: Ok class- so where were we? Oh YES! So first things first- permission slips for the field trip! Let’s pass them up! Are you guys EXCITED?!? It’s going to be great! But remember- just because you turn in a permission slip doesn’t mean you get to go. You’ve got to show me that you know how to behave yourselves. Three strikes and you’re OUT! You hear that Charles? I think you’ve already earned your strike one.

C: (Shocked) WHAT THE–!!!

Ms. Z: Excuse me, you want a strike two?

C: (Immediately stops talking, but is clearly angry at what he perceives to be an unfair punishment)

Ms. Z: (In very cheerful tone) Alright, so next thing is….ddddrrrruuummm rollllllll!….we’re starting our “We Love Planet Earth!” Chapter today! Which, as you may have guessed, is why we’re going to the state park at the end of the month! (*SMILES*)

(Some of the students get excited)

This ALSO means, you get lab partners today! So I’ll put up the groups on the screen, and I want you guys to sit with your group and complete your first lab group assignment together! (*Smiles*)

….Alright! There’s the groups and here’s the assignment- you may START!

(Students start moving around…*grumble grumble mumble*…Some students seem really excited to be in the same group as their friends. SS is not one of them)


Tim: (Takes a seat across from SS) ‘Sup. So you’re in my group?

SS: Yes? (Looks confused- unsure why he’s asking that question…does he not know her name?)

Regina: (Joins the table, taking the seat right next to Tm, also across from SS) Hey guys! (*Smiles*)

SS: (*Smiles* back, trying not to show her slight disappointment)

R: OK! *Claps hand together* SOOoo, what are we doing? (*Turns to look at Tm, perkily*)

(SS looks confused while thinking, “Didn’t we all get a copy of the assignment just now? Can she not…read?”)

Tim: (Suddenly nervous) Uhh…ummm… let’s see…I guess it says we design a habitat…like, with nature stuff. I mean, like, you know, with things we can find in nature. (*Chuckles nervously*)

R: (Skeptical that Tm knows what he’s talking about) Don’t you have the instructions like, right there? You can just read it to us, right?

Tim: (A little taken aback initially but quickly tries to recompose himself) Oh. I mean, YEAH! Yeah, of course! Haha, yeah let me do that. *Quickly grabs instructions and proceeds to read it out loud*

As Tim reads, his voice starts to fade…the camera zooms in on Sakura. She is unimpressed, to say the least. The drama unfolding in front of her was not how she imagined science class to be like. And after a few seconds of staring at her lab partners in disbelief, her eyes suddenly widen, and she lets out a small gasp as it dawns on her that this drama, unlike the ones on television, has no option to unsubscribe…

————End of Scene 1 Act 1—————–

Dear Journal,

I am scared.

A lot happened in science class today. Most of it bad. I still don’t think anyone in the group knows my name. There were a lot of awkward laughs, and I had to hear them all. I never signed up to be a Pokemon trainer! Ugh.


You know, it’s not always good to know things. That’s what I think I learned today. I would rather be clueless sometimes.

*Note to self: Don’t eat too much for breakfast tomorrow. You never know…

Sincerely grossed out, Sakura

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