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Chapter 1.2: Welcome House


House 3

At the corner of Ephemera Drive and Bagatelle Circle is a somewhat  simple-looking house built of somewhat sturdy materials. Neither grandiose nor uncomfortable–it’s the perfect size for a couple who wants nothing more than for their neighbors to regard them as completely modest, maybe even the most modest of the entire gated community.

Mr. and Mrs. Saito first started house-searching after Sakura’s existence was confirmed by ultrasound. They fell in love with this not-too-little gem at first sight. It looked like a beautiful house in which to raise a beautiful family. They even loved the quaint-sounding street names, which made them feel like they were in a Disney-sort-of fairy tale. That was how they had envisioned life with little Sakura.

Sakura used to find the street names funny too, until she looked them up in the dictionary one rainy day. After thinking about it for a bit, she decided to keep the news to herself and not tell her parents all she had learned. She was 6 years old at the time.

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