Posted in 1.1: 6th Graders (Mon, 8/26/02)

Chapter 1.1: 6th Graders (Monday, August 26, 2002)

Dear Journal,

Why are adults so stupid? Today during lunch, there was a boy being pushed around, like, literally. Maybe they picked on him because he was chubby-looking. But still, we’re not supposed to be allowed to push people around like that. Adults were the ones who made up the rules in the first place! And guess what? They didn’t do anything- not even AFTER I told a teacher about it.  

So what if there’s a lot going on on the first day of school? So what if lunch was about to end in 2 minutes? I don’t think it matters when you’re being bullied- it always sucks! And none of the teachers were helpful! Like, at all!

This is what I think: if adults don’t really care that much about a rule, then they shouldn’t tell us to follow it in the first place. So stupid.

Man…looks like 6th grade won’t be much better than 5th, huh.

And it’s only Day 1… GREAT

Sincerely, Sakura

Dedicated to my childhood friend who was bullied

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