07.08.2018- Real life is…hard. -__-” Sorry for the unannounced hiatus! Will let you know when I get back to some solid writing again!- anotherlife1

06.05.2018- G1 has been named! Finally. It’s Regina =)

05.28.2018- we added a new teammate today! =D name is in-the-making. stay tuned haha

05.23.2018- anotherlife1 woke up this morning with the idea of uploading 1 installment every 1-2 weeks. no one on the team objected to it in the spontaneous 2-minute-long voting that ensued. alas, it was a unanimous agreement, and all is well again in the land of make-believe

05.22.2018- discussing new, more practical pace for future installments! 🙂