About Team NpIIg

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Simply, we are an international group of friends who care about making this world a safer place through creativity and collaboration. Although a work of fiction, many of the events and issues discussed in this novel were inspired by stories from real people. Sakura’s story is also our story, and we hope that it can be a part of yours as well, as we all continue trying to learn and grow together. This world is absolutely imperfect, and we aspire to show you that nonetheless, it can be beautiful.

Sincerely, Team NpIIg


anotherlife1: author/illustrator/self-certified website creator

foolofatook: street designer/plot editor/life coach

ludoxtheled: editor/logistics miracle worker

merciless teacher: merciless teacher

olivetini: moderator (aka chaperone to ensure well-functioning team)

sodiumvanadium: editor/morale booster/idea bouncer